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Number: 442

cover Amazing Adventures of Mr. Bean, The

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Country: UK, 60 minutes

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Genre(s): Comedy

Director(s): John Howard Davies

Cast: Rowan Atkinson, Rudolph Walker, Richard Briers

Medium: Unknown,

Plot Outline: My understanding is that this is the first Bean material, and he reallystarted off strong. One of the most charming things about his characteris his childishness, such as his fear of authority, as in one of thescenes in this episode where he is trying to cheat on an exam off theperson next to him. First he has a hilarious competition about whobrought the most school supplies, and of course, as always, there isone more great laugh at the end of the scene. He then heads to thebeach and is distraught to find someone already there, so decides totry to change into his bathing suit without taking any of his clothesoff, with hilarious results! My favorite, however, has to be the churchscene. I'm not a big churchgoer myself, although not necessarily justbecause I find it intolerably boring, but it is so nice to see someoneso brilliantly agree with me on screen. And then candy in the pocket isclassic! The getting ready for a royal visit at the end is also vintageBean, as he shows off to the indifferent and vaguely irritated peoplearound him, only to have everything go wrong at just the wrong moment.This is clearly very early and very simple Bean, but it has to be someof his best. Bravo!

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