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Number: 54

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Country: Uruguay, 30 minutes

Spoken Languages: Spanish

Genre(s): Short, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Director(s): Ivan Mazza

Cast: Armando Cabrera, Albi De Abreu, María de Los ángeles García, Prakriti Maduro, Victoria Medina

Medium: Unknown,

Plot Outline: Jorge is a young clerk who lives a very boring life, even though he has a very beautiful girlfriend and shares his house with a dynamic and funny roommate, his days just pass by, one after the other without anything remarkable to note. One night, a strange old man gives him a brown box in the bus. Without opening it, Jorge throws it in the trash, but finds it inside his home the morning after. From that point on, Jorge will try to get rid of it in many ways, always failing to do so. Starting to question his own sanity, Jorge will discover that some things are very hard to face and that his own fears and inner demons are not easy to deal with

Location: 055

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: Unknown