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Sarah Denton Baun lives in Nashville, Tennesse,
with her husband, Glenn Baun, a retired Nazarene
pastor. She has long visualized this project,
although she felt somewhat intimidated by the
sheer volume. Sarah has enriched these memoirs
considerably by drawing from her sharp memory,
having a remarkable recollection of events, places
and people.

A tender, touching and true story of one brave
family, the Dentons, and their work in various
countries bringing the Gospel to people and
making their lives better, spanning the mid-forties
to 1970. Through trials and tribulations, good
times and much joy, the family is still bound
together by the indelible imprint of their long-ago
and far-away experiences. Ron Denton is sorely
missed, but they can each feel his presence still in
different ways-sometimes a phrase he used often,
a twisting of the mouth when pulling a prank, or
the bite of pepper and vinegar which he so loved.

Sarah Denton Baun
Sarah has traveled a long and diverse path in the course of her life, and is faithful to the Lord and the Church she so loves. Her children and grandchildren will be forever grateful for this undertaking, a veritable task of love, nearly two years in the making.
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